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How long does the iPhone battery last?  Finally the truth

How long does the iPhone battery last? Finally the truth

An iPhone battery can degrade much faster than we can imagine – and that's how long it can really last.

The iPhone battery can last less than expected: that's why (

There are many reasons why many users buy an iPhone, especially the latest generation. Apple's flagship products offer a very high level of performance and allow you to take extraordinary photos thanks to the superior photographic quality guaranteed by Apple. In addition, iPhones are also packed with features Which enhances the user experience with iPhone devices. What about autonomy?

iPhone battery, how long does it really last: now we know

CEO Tim Cook's company has worked hard in recent years to try just that Equip your iPhones with increasingly high-performance batteriesThis is to ensure an important level of independence for various devices.

How long does an iPhone battery really last (

The batteries of choice for iPhones are lithium-ion batteries, which have some advantages over nickel batteries. For example I am able to do that Store a lot of energy in small spaces It does not suffer from a memory effect, so it can be recharged regardless of the remaining percentage.

However, iPhone batteries are popular Tendency to corrode easily. In fact, in the charging and discharging cycles of these batteries, the electrons do not leave the positively charged areas (gaps, ed.) and thus remain trapped in the cells. The result is that the cells themselves will always remain oxidized, leading to a slow but gradual deterioration.

So how long does an iPhone battery last? Precisely because of this problem, the shelf life is limited. Most modern and good quality They can also guarantee up to 1000 charge and discharge cycles, before beginning an inexorable decline. In short, the battery tends to work well for the first couple of years and then declines dramatically.

Sometimes, unfortunately, even two years is not guaranteed. There are many factors that can reduce the effective life of iPhone batteries.

Watch out for temperature changes: here's what happens

Lithium-ion technology, in fact, It does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. Those who live in places where the mercury often drops below freezing may experience their iPhone battery deteriorating much faster.

Furthermore, the constructive autolysis of these batteries must be taken into account, even if this aspect tends to decrease with the use of the accumulator. This means that The less you use your iPhone battery, the more it will self-build deteriorationWhich accelerates the deterioration of the battery itself.

A dead iPhone battery can be changed, but this process is only performed by trained and competent technical personnel.

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