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How do we stay here?  "

How do we stay here? “

Karim lives on his cell phone, waiting for the phone call to let him begin the barrier route to the airport. “I have read that the international authorities are asking the world to help us financially now – Hossam repeats via WhatsApp – but today everything is closed here. The central bank is at a standstill, and the commercial banks are as a result. Everything is controlled by the Taliban now. Even when you start again, everything will always be under control. They will ask us why the money comes to the bank from abroad. They’ll want to know why we do business with Western Union. It will never end, never… even there hawalaThe human network that was circulating the money disappeared. Today we need to recharge the phone: the mobile phone keeps us alive and informed.”

Whoever finds the visa … does not find the plane – A forbidden dream is to board a plane with a visa. The dream waiting room is to arrive safely at the airport. Those who know how it goes have few illusions. Until a couple of weeks ago, an official was driving straight to the airport in a car from an embassy or an international organization, almost as much as for check-in. Now even these cars can no longer enter. For everyone there are Taliban checkpoints who decide “You’re yes, you’re no, you’re yes…”. And whoever succeeds in entering the airport may discover that The plane is not there and won’t arrive today. Or he will not be able to take off due to the lack of personnel from the radar and control tower. So we go home and in 24 hours the ordeal begins again.

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“Afghan woman alone abroad?” The world (more or less) is working for the impending wave of refugees from Afghanistan. Many will end up in neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Iran and Tajikistan. Many will go further. India, for example, opened humanitarian visas issued upon presentation of a series of documents and at the request of an Indian sponsor. We live in limbo: most of us do not have a passport. And those who might leave fear reprisals against family members or leaving them without their only livelihood.” Is it possible that you won’t have a life-saving passport like in Afghanistan in 2021? “Yes, unfortunately that is possible.” The answer is correct and disarmed. Husam continues himself. : “Many give up looking for a visa because they see there are no planes to leave.”

The airport is a vital hub. Getting on a plane or not getting on a plane decides the lives of hundreds of people. “My acquaintance has a visa to go to India. She told me her dad wouldn’t let her go alone. She is a woman. And even if she did, what would she do alone in a foreign country? How will he live? Karim explains. This mentality is well established both in Afghanistan before and after the Taliban. Haven’t Westerners scratched our way of thinking in twenty years and wished to take only women and children out of Afghanistan overnight? Written on the Facebook page of the local resistance.

And what about the resistance? Husam goes back to talking about his acquaintances: “The Taliban go after those who cooperated with the United States and other foreign forces. They want documents, files, badges, or computers to prove their cooperation and then beat them or worse. They go home and start asking questions Like “how did you live”, “what work did you do”, “how are you” … they are angry with everyone, except for those who worked in health and education. ”

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What about the Afghan resistance? Fighting groups in Panjshir? “No resistance in Afghanistan, no resistance in Kabul”: Husam leaves.