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Here's who can follow Paratici at Tottenham

Here’s who can follow Paratici at Tottenham

It’s not just Bonucci and Kolosevski on the potential list of Paratici loyalists, with whom the former Juventus manager could promote Spurs.

As I mentioned beforeGazzetta dello sportAnd the Fabio Paratici arrives at Tottenham It could upset more than some balance in the Juventus squad. In fact, the former Juventus manager will have a list of loyalists who might be of interest Tottenham to re-establish.

Bonucci – One of the names in the list again by rosary, Will be Leonardo Bonucci, which – which Parachi He led Juve in his first season at Juventus which enjoys an excellent reputation abroad, appearing frequently by top clubs, one above all Manchester City.

RABIOT E BUFFON – Adrien Rabiot e Gigi BuffonThe Frenchman was wanted by the former Juventus coach and arrived at Juventus also thanks to the mediation of the goalkeeper.

Dybala and Kolosevsky – There could be two surprising names instead Dybala e KulusevskyThe Argentine has been very close to Tottenham in recent years and who knows if the interest, with Paratici’s arrival, will become more than tangible. As for the Swede, he was also in great demand by the ex-Juventus coach and is a very popular figure abroad.

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