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Achilles tendon rupture, the pause will be long

Achilles tendon rupture, the pause will be long

There is no good news for Leonardo SpinazzolaAnd the broke out crying On a stretcher in the second half of Belgium and Italy. Roma’s injured side after another shot from his extraordinary European counterpart, according to the first rumors, was to report a ruptured Achilles tendon. The hiatus would be too long for him, which could jeopardize his next season as well.

One shot to run behind Hazard and then a very powerful prick. Leonardo Spinazzola immediately caught the attention of his seat, asking for a change. The external champion of great performances at Euro 2020 raised the white flag. What initially seemed to be a groin problem turned out to be something more serious. According to the first rumors coming out of Monaco, in fact, Spinazzola had reported a ruptured Achilles tendon. His tears were a mixture of pain and bitterness, for those who know they have to finish the European Championship early for another injury of his career, one of the worst.

In addition to the European Championships, Spinazzola may have to see next season in jeopardy. For him, if the infection also had to be confirmed in the automated tests scheduled for tomorrow, there would be several months of relief. It can take up to 4 months to get back in the best possible shape and get back on the field. A blow to the former Atalanta and Juventus, and therefore they will not immediately be able to put himself in the service of the new Roma coach Jose Mourinho. A slab of Giallorossi’s team, enchanted as the whole of Italy by Spinazzola’s irrepressible performance. And now the Azure would have another reason to go all the way.

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