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Here's Where You Should Go On Vacation In 2022 According To Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s Where You Should Go On Vacation In 2022 According To Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s where, according to horoscope predictions, you should be spending the holidays in 2022: to reveal this hard-clicked trend on TikTok.

Aries should choose the French capital: Paris. Being a sign that at this moment he has a dire need to arrange his life, this city is the perfect destination to leave the past behind and start anew between art and beauty. For the Taurus, there is San Miguel de Allende, a Mexican destination that is not at all trivial and that will allow those born under this sign to rediscover lost stimuli. If you are a Gemini, Istanbul is the perfect decision for you: you should evolve and aim for the best and in a land deep and rich in history, you will also find a bit of wisdom, always useful and appreciative.

Cancers must fly to Bergen, Norway, to get out of their comfort zone and travel to a place that is as beautiful as it is unusual. Cairo, Egypt is the best direction for Leo. Being a city with specific rules related to the lifestyle and behavior of its residents and the tourists who go to it, it will direct them towards greater and less impulsive control. For Our Lady, the proposed destination is Quebec City in Canada, because it will bring back the beauty of wonder and the awareness of being able to live at any moment, a love that is strong and overwhelming. What are the recommended places for the rest of the signs of the zodiac?

Horoscope for Holiday 2022: From Libra to Pisces

For Libra, it’s time for Greece and mythology. According to the predictions of the horoscope, the holidays in 2022 are under the banner of the giants of Athena. The past year was rather complicated and now we need to start over by immersing ourselves in the elegance and beauty of this land. Those born under the sign of Scorpio are better off booking a trip to Kyoto. Lightness is needed to temper the aggressiveness that has matured over the past months: what better scenario than a colorful Japanese landscape. The arch was set up in Bangkok, to allow oneself a respite between wisdom and spirituality after a series of hardships in 2021.

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Italy, specifically Naples, seems to be the best place for a Capricorn sign. We need joy, smiles and positivity in a city loved in the world for its capacity for welcoming, but above all for tolerance. If you’re an Aquarius, it’s time to head to Cape Town. Collected disappointments should not overwhelm you and for this, you need a little harmony and satisfaction that only everyday life can give you in this glimpse of South Africa. Last but not least, it was the turn of the whale, who better to book a holiday in Florence, the city of art and the Renaissance. For all the responsibilities you’ve taken on, this is the perfect choice to focus on yourself and your needs.

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