Sunday, July 21, 2024

Smart watches and face scans, London puts pressure on convicted migrants


The UK government has developed a crackdown on certain categories of immigrantsIn order to strengthen controls on foreigners accused of crimes. This is what we learned from a draft that was reviewed by the foreign press and its text was between the Ministries of Interior and Justice with a company specialized in the production of surveillance tools. The pressure in question is based on two basic obligations for immigrants: to wear a specific smart watch She undergoes multiple examinations of the face daily.

according to a necklace Established by Her Majesty’s Government a few months ago, and which will be implemented in the fall, immigrants sentenced by national criminal courts will have to wear, as an alternative to the classic electronic bracelet, a smartwatch designed to instantly transmit the situation to law enforcement agencies the geographical location of the offender.

Aliens will have to use the same device for face scan Up to five times a day. The facial images captured using the electronic watches are then sent to the police for comparison with the biometric facial images recorded in the agents’ databases, in order to ensure a periodic and comprehensive examination of the foreign convicts. According to information collected by British newspapers, strengthening the monitoring of migrants will cost the public treasury 6000000 from the euro.

The government plan, which was revealed in the newspapers, immediately angered NGOs in defending the rights of asylum seekers and defending the aggregatewith Lucy Audebert, advocate for Privacy International, who declared: “Facial recognition is known to be an imperfect and dangerous technology that tends to discriminate against people of color and marginalized communities. These “innovations” in policing and surveillance are often driven by private companies, which take advantage of governments’ race to fully monitor and control the population. Through their obscure techniques and algorithms, they facilitate government discrimination and human rights abuses without any accountability. No other country in Europe has used this inhuman and invasive technology against immigrants“.

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