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Here's where to see cars in the next few years

Here’s where to see cars in the next few years

F1 and Sky Sport have formalized a contract renewal to broadcast the tournament live on TV in the coming years.

there Formula 1 And the sky They announced the contractual extension of their partnership. The broadcaster will remain the official broadcaster in all countries in which it is present.

F1 (Photo LaPresse)

to meItalia The new agreement is valid until 2027, with all the exclusive grand prizes from Friday’s free practice through Sunday’s race. In Italy, everything will continue to be broadcast live on TV on the now popular channel Sky Sport F1, which can also be accessed through Sky Go and NOW streaming services. For the free channel TV8There will be a selection of GPs that will be broadcast live.

2022 was a very positive year for Sky Italia. The average spectator for each Grand Prix grew by 20%. The most watched GP in Italian pay television history was the one in Saudi Arabia with 1.937 million viewers. This year’s data is very interesting.

F1 still on the sky: Domenicali is very happy

For Sky Italia, the new agreement will expire in 2017 for Sky Italia. Instead, the new agreement at Sky UK will expire in 2029. Stefano Domenicali He is satisfied: “We are very proud of our long-standing partnership with Sky. Since the beginning of our relationship in 2012, we have both tried to bring the excitement, passion and drama of Formula 1 to our traditional fans, while engaging a new and more diverse audience.“.

The president and CEO of F1 is very confident about the future with the famous broadcaster: “Formula 1 has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and I can’t think of a better partner to continue reaching our fans with dedicated, expert and in-depth coverage. Sky not only offers live coverage for fans, but also provides a host of behind-the-scenes access and content that brings F1 to life. We are very excited about the future of the partnership and the Formula 1 journey“.

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In the 2023 calendar, there will be twenty-four grand prix, which is a historical record. This number should have already existed this year, but the cancellation and non-substitution of the Russian GP kept the number at 23. An interesting novelty in the upcoming season is the appointment in Las Vegas, and the third in the US with Austin and Miami.

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Liberty MediaThe American company that runs the championship, desperately wanted to increase the number of races in the United States. Miami was the novelty in 2022, and next year it will touch Las Vegas.