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Here’s what to do if you are an ineligible beneficiary

The rental bonus is one of the most used perks in the home sector, but it is also one of the perks where you are most likely to find certain situations. One is when you accidentally get the bonus, without having the requirements: what do you do in these cases?

What should you do if you get Rental Bonus But are the requirements no longer there, or did you not have them before? The Revenue Agency has set up a customized system to solve the problem, thus avoiding incurring it Penalties Much worse than expected.

So let’s see How to return a rental bonus When it is not due.

Rent Bonus: How can it be returned?

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Let’s see right away How can the amounts paid through the rental bonus be refunded For those who don’t seem to have the requirements to get it. The Revenue Agency has traced the way forward, given that there are several issues involved.

So the recovery is possible through F24If the credits are added to the beneficiary’s current account. Here are the codes to use:

  • 8143“:” non-repayable contribution to reduce rent – automatic refund – capital;
  • 8144“” non-repayable contribution to reduce rent – automatic refund – interest;
  • 8145Non-repayable contribution to rent reduction – automatic refund – penalty.

Rental Bonus: How to Use the F24 Elide

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Another method, which is probably very little practical, is Model F24 Elide. Below is a quick guide on how to fill out the form, to avoid making a mistake in the assembly procedure. The above tax codes should be indicated in the “Amounts Payable” column, while also indicating:

  • under the heading “Taxpayer”, the tax code and personal data of the person who will have to pay;
  • In the section “Taxes and others” the following are indicated:
    • in the “Type” field, the letter “R”;
    • In the “Meta elements” field, no value;
    • In the “Code” field, new tax laws are drawn up;
    • In the “Reference Year” field, the year in which the scholarship was recognized, in the “YYYY” format;
    • In the field “Amounts payable”, the amount of the unpaid contribution to be returned, or the amount of the penalty and interest, based on the indicated tax code.

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