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Tina Cibulari has a new enemy

Is Pinochet superior to Gemma Galgani? There seems to be no doubt about this statement. Tina Cipolari noticed this too and now has a new enemy.

Men and women are back in the center of attention and this time due to a quarrel that may have seen for the first time the targeting of a new “victim” by Tina Sipolari, namely one of the women of the Canal Sink show whose social media appears to have overtaken Gemma Galgani, a historic presence in the post The back and his ardent desire also was Maria de Filippi herself.

TV screen

but, this is not every thing, In the past few hours, even on social networks, it seems that a real rebellion against women has erupted This for one reason or another has made most of the enthusiastic audience turn their noses up, who have been following the show with affection for years now.

So let’s take a step back and try to understand the reasons why she allowed her to steal “the wand” from her classmate Gemma, it seems the web is really pissed with her.

Pinocchia is spreading viral and also beats Gemma Galgani

Pinochia It seems that he succeeded in a seemingly impossible feat, which is She became more popular than Gemma Galgani herself Which is often at the center of discussions on the web due to its long run, not to mention the persecution of Tina Sipolari.

The reason is related to the many situations in the last episodes of Our Lady of the Throne that made the web as well as those in the studio raise their noses, On several occasions, Maria de Filippi has picked up the same woman who always tries to remain very impartial.

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“TheI’ve defended it in the past and I’m sorry about that. Pinochia She thinks she is the queen of the studio by virtue of her age. Tina is right not to treat her differently when she’s wrong,” anyway in my opinion Pinochia Much worse than Gemma wants to be the center of attention at all costs.” These are also some of the comments on Twitter that do nothing but confirm what was previously said towards both Gemma and the well-known commentator who also got after she was scolded in the episode a few minutes before the audience approved.

In short, an incredible episode aired today on Canale Cinque that somewhat broke the certainty of a part of the audience they used to see. The dispute between Tina and Gemma And maybe from now on they will see something new.