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“It was annoying, but good for the sport.”

“It was annoying, but good for the sport.”

The former New York star, currently a FIBA ​​ambassador, commented on the United States' elimination from the World Cup at the hands of Germany

the Germania to Dennis Schroeder The 2023 World Cup final will be played on Sunday against… Serbia after Success against Team USAlegend match spectator Carmelo Anthony (3 Olympic gold medals) who commented on the defeat of his compatriots.

Milo didn't mince words:She's upset. Let's be honest, it's annoying. We don't want to sugar coat it. When you have that gold standard, that's what you aim for. He adds that anything other than that is disturbing. I don't want anyone to ignore the fact that the United States did not falter. Hats off to Germany and Serbia. They played really good games. I'm upset but that's good for the sport. For FIBA, for basketball and for the fans, so everyone knows that the rest of the world is here to play“.

The former Nuggets and Knicks player continued his talk about the mentality of Americans in these competitions: “Everyone now has to think differently about how to win gold. The boys are getting better. The game is growing globally. In the end, everyone can go out and win a gold medal

About selection: “I would like to send the cream to the field every year to compete at the highest level. But we also have to respect these people who are here. These guys are professional players. You can't send the strongest every time. If we talk about development, we are developing these kids to be able to compete all over the world. We take our defeats with our victories and move forward

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