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Here’s tonight’s draw with the winning numbers

Here’s tonight’s draw with the winning numbers

EuroJackpot draw today January 13, 2023. A cold new week of January is about to end, and it’s about to end. Today is Friday, January 13th, but who decided that it was a sad and unfortunate day? Superstitious people believe in this “theory”, while others will try to beat it. And to tempt fate by playing EuroJackpot. Yes, because nothing changes for passionate players and until today, like every self-respecting Friday, the fixed, exact and inevitable date is back with Eurojackpot, the lottery that challenges players from all over Europe. An appointment not to be missed The City Courier which broadcasts the results live every Tuesday and Friday. In a few minutes, in fact, there will be a file on this page winning combination With a drawing of 5 numbers and 2 numbers of euros.

Will anyone be able to win on Friday January 13th? Could…

Today’s EuroJackpot draw Friday 13 January 2023: the winning numbers

Today’s winning numbers Friday 13/01/2023. Here are the five drawn numbers and winning euro numbers for this week’s European Lottery with a minimum jackpot of €10 million. EuroJackpot, also known as “Europot” or “Euro Lottery” (Euro Lottery in English), provides that the jackpot can reach up to 90 million euros, which is why it is also among the largest multi-country lotteries in the world.Europe.

Winning numbers: 7, 14, 34, 41, 49

Painted euro numbers: 4, 9

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