Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The removable disc player will not be compatible with PS5 Digital –


After reporting the first rumor of the new model for PS5 With removable drivejournalist/insider Tom Henderson continues to update this rumor with more detail, such as this latest outlining how a reader Not compatible with PS5 Digital And that the new model is something brand new In terms of looks and SKU, with almost the same hardware.

So the basic information remains the same, for Henderson: Sony intends to launch a new model of PS5 which, as its main feature, has the fact that it can work with a removable drive, which can probably be purchased separately, to equip it. The controller is modular, depending on how you want to use it.

Many believe that this separate reader can also be used with the existing PS5 Digital, but that seems not to be the case: based on the tweet below, Henderson reports that the optical reader will not be compatible with the existing digital version.

This may be due to the fact that the new PS5 can be treated as a new console, meaning a new product in terms of SKU, with a player specially developed for it and not compatible with PS5 Digital. On the other hand, the journalist also announces that no major changes are expected on the front hardwareso it’s basically the same PS5 seen so far, both in terms of power and architecture.

It could therefore be a console of somewhat different shape, perhaps smaller, considering that the current PS5 has really generous dimensions even compared to the standards we are used to for consoles. Perhaps based on a new production process, it could be compressed into a smaller space and maybe also have a new cooling system, but we are waiting to see if it really is there.

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