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Here’s how to withdraw your consent

Here’s how to withdraw your consent

We have new AI features in store for you». With this notification Facebook It informed its users that it would start using some of the data they share on the platform — including photos — to “train” it. Generative artificial intelligence. At the same time, it must be remembered that the user has Right to object “For use by dead Information you share about our products and services to develop and improve artificial intelligence.”

To do this you need to click on “Right to object“, follow the wizard and submit a form.

In other words, Meta asks users if they want to withdraw their consent, not if they want to give it.

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Facebook and artificial intelligence: what’s happening

This is the message Meta sent to users: “We’re ready to expand AI in Meta experiences to your geographic region. Meta AI is our collection of generative AI features and experiences, such as Meta AI and AI Creative Tools, as well as the models that enable them to work. “In order to allow you to live these experiences, from now on we will rely on the legal basis called interest legitimate use of your information in order to develop and improve artificial intelligence in Meta.”

But there is the possibility of objection, as the company itself explains: “This means that you have the right to object to the processing of your information for these purposes. If the objection is upheld, the processing will be restricted accordingly. We are making updates to our Privacy Policy to reflect these changes. The updates will take effect on June 26, 2024.”

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What data does Facebook use to “train” its AI?

But what is our data that Meta can use to “train” its generative AI? The explanation is in the form used to refuse your consent: “Information you share about our products and services may be: mail; Relevant images and captions; The messages you send to the AI». Meta also clarifies that it does not use “the contents of private messages you exchange with friends and family to train our AI.”

How to refuse your consent

By clicking on “Right to object” a form will open to fill out asking the user, country of residence and email address to explain “what impact the data processing has on you” and to provide “further information with which they can help” “We are examining your complaint.” After submitting the form you will receive a message By e-mail confirming acceptance of the objection.

In these cases the data is still used

However, Meta specifies that: “We may continue to process your information to develop and improve AI on Meta, even if you object to or do not use our products and services. For example, this may happen if you or your information appears in an image shared on our products or services by someone using them; You have been mentioned in posts or captions shared by someone else about our products and services.” In these cases, regardless of our consent, Meta will use user data.

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