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Here's how to get out of it safely (video)

Here's how to get out of it safely (video)

Have you found yourself in an unpleasant situation where you found your car in a ditch? Here's the solution to get out safely.

Driving can involve a series of risks that are not always predictable, which also result from external situations that do not depend on personal control. Driving on rough roads, for example, can cause a series of risks that a car driver should not underestimate. a A road full of potholes, bumps and ditches can negatively affect the stability of the car And driver safety, which increases the risk of losing control while driving.

Car in the ditch, how to get out without damage

Driving on rough terrain can also cause It causes corrosion of tires and other vehicle components, such as brakes and suspension. Damage to tires and rims, which are the first parts to be damaged when they come into contact with a pothole or ditch on the road, is a more common condition than one might think, and for which the driver can request compensation from the municipality in question. Finally, there is no shortage of bodywork problems, which are more or less serious, and are generally caused by stones and bits of crumbled asphalt bouncing off the car itself.

Despite paying attention while driving, external factors such as heavy rainfall or sudden obstacles can cause the driver to make a mistake. An unpleasant condition of being partially or completely inside a trench With your own car. In a similar situation, it is necessary to remain calm and practice a simple maneuver capable of resolving the situation without further external intervention.

How to get out of a ditch with your car without danger

Finding your car in a ditch can be a very stressful and worrying situation, but with a simple trick, it can be solved in a few minutes. Knowing this easy maneuver can be very useful for navigating critical moments, especially when driving at night. Firstly, The driver will have to turn the steering wheel completely to the right Therefore, engage reverse gear.

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The life-saving maneuver to get your car out of a ditch –

After this first operation, the motorist must necessarily Release the clutch and simultaneously press the accelerator pedal, in such a way that the engine rpm quickly increases to 3000 or more. After performing the maneuvering steps correctly, the vehicle will start moving easily and emerge from the ditch completely.

This sequence is especially useful when the wheels do not grip or find grip on the ground.