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Here's his face today, unimaginable - Libero Quotidiano

Here’s his face today, unimaginable – Libero Quotidiano

Do you remember it? It is about Anbita, Who was for a long period of time, specifically from 2003 to 2012, in the cast friends, transition Maria de Felipe It still airs on Canale 5, a talent show in which she played a professional dancer. Talking about it is Novella 2000, In a pill signed by Evan Rota.

The full name to be exact is Anbita Turomani. She talked about it again because she said she was leaving the show after a fight with host de Felipe. The decision to leave, which was not in any way imposed on her.

And again, he made it clear that the presenter was going to return it for his methods. This is what de Felipe would have said: “Everyone who does my job has a different level,” Comments should be written at home and not in front of a twenty-year-old boy. I respect professional dancers and find you very good, but every now and then you leave yourself in the comments. Especially Ante Anbita. Don’t be the star that takes and leaves. ”Instead he did, and disappeared from TV.

And in the picture, you can watch Anpeta voting today, After nearly a decade of absence from the cathode ray tube. In fact, to her, it seems like time has stopped (almost). Even if the laurels friends And the dances in Canale 5 are very far away.