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“I fight to see my children as much as possible”: Fedez also reveals that Ferragni no longer lets him see the dog –

“I fight to see my children as much as possible”: Fedez also reveals that Ferragni no longer lets him see the dog –

  • The 34-year-old rapper said this during a live social broadcast
  • He wanted clarification about his golden retriever after the attacks he received

Fedez He revealed that he saw him children around three times a weekeven if it depends on your work obligations.

The rapper also claimed it was Struggling to see them as much as possible.

A live stream guest on Twitch, the 34-year-old answered some questions from followers.

Fedez, 34, with his son Leon, whom he had 6 years ago with Chiara Ferragni

Thus, he was asked how often he sees his children after separating from his wife, Chiara Ferragni, with whom he was Leon6 years, and Vitoria,3.

He replied: “It depends on work commitments but I try… They stay at least three times a week. Complex topic but let’s say it I find it difficult to see them as much as possible.

He also explained during the same live stream that he no longer sees the golden retriever by name Paloma Which he adopted with his influential wife (they are not yet legally separated) is not his fault.

Fedez with Vittoria, 3 years old

Referring to the clip that went viral a few days ago, in which he talks about dogs, he stated that he “owns a golden dog” – using the imperfect tense – and explained: “I don’t have any pets, and among other things, Red’s clip went viral. It went viral and I saw everyone writing: ‘Oh, what an idiot.’ What is this thing? I don’t have Paloma, but what should I do?” I do, should I cry?.

“Obviously this is something I don’t like and I’m not happy about. I had a dog that I cared for mostly, if not exclusively. I don’t see him anymoreI continue.

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Fedez with ex Chiara Ferragni and dog Paloma

“My dick is spinning. But should I watch Red’s live stream and feel sorry for myself? No!” I laugh at him And also because during this period, if I don’t make fun of things, I throw myself off the balcony with cardboard wings.”He completed it.

“It seems that one cannot joke about one’s tragedies, I was surprised. Next time I will say: “I had a dog. They won’t let me see him anymore. It makes me angry because I don’t understand the reasons.”He finished.