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Here is how it works and the main opinionsراء

Here is how it works and the main opinionsراء

The HYPE online checking account, as well as the easy-to-use smartphone application, can be managed very easily directly from the web services. It is also available to minors to manage finances and savings at reasonable costs.

HYPE SpA. Today it represents a project that has done well in terms of popularity among Italian checking account holders. Developed and managed by the group Sila Bank, in effect the group’s Cards and Accounts Web Services group constitutes the same group.

It hasn’t been long since Hype online checking account Exists in the banking landscape: born in 2015 with the desire to make online checking account management easier and cheaper, through the use of a multifunctional application. As we will see later, a customer can link three premium debit cards to a HYPE account: the Start, Premium and Next plans – which have recently replaced the Plus version – the latter two are optional in connection with the free HYPE offer.

Further, we will briefly see the most interesting opinions of those who have already tried this online checking account: does satisfaction prevail or is there a wrong side with the customer? Let’s find out.

HYPE Online Current Account: Context of Reference

Before we take a closer look at the offers Hype online checking accountYou are advised to give some information about HYPE SpA

As described on the official HYPE website, it is a team of professionals with the goal of revolutionizing the daily management of millions of people making it easier and more personalized. In short, with HYPE online checking account we have a technological (fintech) alternative compared to traditional current c/c offerings.

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On its official website, HYPE is keen to point out that it is supported by two important partners:

  • The Sila Group, which always aims to identify new effective financial services and products in the world of digital innovation;
  • Unlimited, an innovative credit institution founded and led by Corrado Passera.

By virtue of this joint projectToday, we have a top operator in Italy regarding open banking on the peninsula. That is why it is interesting to clarify the offer of the online current account HYPE.

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HYPE Online Current Account: How does it work in practice?

Briefly explaining the mechanism of operation of HYPE is not very complicated. We actually have one Midway between the physical and digital system. HYPE is a service that provides highly practical payment solutions in line with today’s technological age – with a prepaid card – that can operate both physically and digitally. This card is located within Department Visa / MasterCard.

Certainly in HYPE’s favor plays the fact that it is a 100% fintech product: it lacks complex bureaucracies and various delays. In fact, the interested party has the freedom to create their own account directly online from their smartphone and with less commitment. In short, this can happen without the specific procedures typical of traditional banks or tedious phone calls.

with the HYPE ONLINE CURRENT ACCOUNT Therefore, we have a very innovative product, which aims to give maximum freedom to better manage your money and all payments, both online and in physical stores, through Geolocation. And again, there is also the possibility of exchanging money between your contacts directly from your mobile phone.

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HYPE online checking account is activated in a very short time

a’a program Dedicated and free to download to your smartphone Enough to manage all operations: just register via the web and in a few minutes your IBAN and account are up and running. In fact, account creation takes about 5/10 minutes, while activation takes no more than 30 minutes. Obviously, this can be done via your computer and smartphone.

Another element that plays in favor of the HYPE offer is that the card arrives directly at home within 2-5 business days with respect to accommodation, at no additional cost. And via the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) transfers can be received directly without additional fees.

In terms of tariffs, HYPE represents a largely economical service. Therefore, unless you want to rely on more services than the basic ones, setting up and using this account regularly will not have certain costs. With HYPE there are many features: it is also possible to set goals, to help users spend less money, by notifying alerts when the target threshold is reached.

General characteristics of the online current account offer HYPE