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Raffaella Carrà 'A Huge Legacy' / But for whom?  The secret of will

Raffaella Carrà ‘A Huge Legacy’ / But for whom? The secret of will

L ‘The inheritance of Raffaella CaraHence, fate rich heritageIt is one of the topics that is set to take center stage in the coming weeks. Not only in Italy, but also abroad. Despite being an icon of Italian television, the famous presenter and singer has made herself loved, for example, as well. Argentina and in SpainWhere they now wonder what will become of his wealth. After she did not have children, the question is open. It is especially so by virtue of the fact that it is not known whether he placed a file will, if it does not exist Grandchildren Federica and Matteo Belloni They are entitled to at least one third of its assets. But according to what he reported weather, it is very likely that Rafaela Cara left the actions at will, also because she is aware of her fate because of He’s been fighting for some time.

So, Raffaella Cara He may have set aside a portion of the inheritance for those (now no longer) children he adopted. But what heritage are we talking about? For years, she was among the highest-paid artists in Italy. In 1997 Class magazine revealed that He was earning 2 million euros a year.

Raffaella Carrà’s inheritance, houses and fees (which angered Craxi)

real wealth of Raffaella Cara, which also prides itself on being rich real estate assets. She was not a woman who advertised her private life on the streets, nor did she flaunt the wealth she had earned through her show business. But he had three houses. We already know the usual place of residence, which is Rome, which, moreover, was close to Gianni BoncompanyAs well as the house located in Argentario, A Cala Piccolawhere it was said to have been invented with Sergio Gabino Karamba program. But it seems that he also owns an apartment in the beautiful medieval village Montalcinonear Siena. But there is talk of a rich inheritance as well because Cara Rafaela earned a lot. They even talk about it in Spain, where secrecy Reminds us of the story of 1984 when he was the Prime Minister Betino Craxi He was furious when he learned that the host was negotiating with Opinion To renew the contract, set a fee of 6 billion liras for two years.

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a “ShameFor Craxi who summoned Rai officials to Shigi Palace. Thus it was discovered that this offer was essential not to be kidnapped by Raffaella Cara Silvio Berlusconi, who wanted to take her to Kanal 5.”They pay me well, but I work hardShe said. Which is one of the reasons why he is so popular.

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