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Scotland is trying to secede again. Johnson: ‘This is not the time’

Scottish First Minister for Independence Nicola Sturgeon has raised the challenge to the London government over a repeat referendum on secession by announcing that a local bill would be submitted to the Parliament of Edinburgh for an “advisory” vote to be held in accordance with its intentions on October 19, 2023. The referendum is expected to repeat the same question that was rejected in 2014. This was announced while Queen Elizabeth was in Edinburgh and although Boris Johnson’s central government, which is supposed to give approval on paper, repeatedly invoked the veto.

Johnson: ‘Not the time’
Boris Johnson still believes that a second Scottish independence referendum is not on the agenda after the 2014 referendum and that “it is not time to talk about it” in the current scenario. This was confirmed by Downing Street in response to the initiative of the First Minister for Scottish Independence Nicola Sturgeon, adding that the British Prime Minister intends to “carefully study” the proposal of the Edinburgh leader: a proposal – his spokesman indicated – that the Scottish Government itself intends to me to submit to the Supreme Court of the Kingdom, which You will be responsible for making a preliminary judgment.

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