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HEMARS systems also became ineffective

HEMARS systems also became ineffective

Rome, May 25, 2024 – Thank you very much Electronic jamming devices Russia is decommissioning some Western weapons it has allowed to do so so far Kyiv is resisting And in some periods to restore (electronic warfare – EW) part of the territory occupied by Moscow forces. But the balance on the battlefield now appears to be tipping in the Kremlin’s favor, and the blame, as Ukrainian sources told The Washington Post, lies with Moscow’s cyberwarfare.

Russian 1RL257 Krasukha-4 EW electronic warfare system in Ukraine

Electronic noise

Russian electronic jamming, the most famous of which is “jamming” and this is “Plagiarism”they managed to render the satellite guidance of missiles and munitions provided by the United States to Ukraine useless, to the point that the generals in Kiev And they started leaving it in the warehouse, Or used without a GPS track, and therefore much less accurate. Kiev, which requires a steady supply of weapons, is at this point upgrading some new systems or weapons capable of resisting Russian jamming.

HEMARS systems became ineffective

According to what he revealed to WP, those who pay the fee without appealing are excalibur artillery shells, It is based on GPS guidance, which, after achieving a certain initial success, was neutralized by the Russian counter-action, which passed within a few months By 50 percent Early last year Less than ten percent Many targets were hit within a few months, displacing the Ukrainian artillery that had abandoned them. “Excalibur technology in various current versions has lost its potential,” the Ukrainian leadership wrote, after the assessment conducted between 2023 and 2024. Even the famous ones Hemar (High mobility artillery missile system), which can launch missiles with a range of up to 80 kilometers, It is among the most sought after by the Allies of KievToday it was found dusty in some Ukrainian arsenal. According to Ukrainian sources, they are now missing targets by 15 metres. “The Russians have deployed electronic systems that hSatellite and HIMAR signals have been disabled They have become so ineffective that the expensive system is increasingly used to hit low-priority targets. gdms, But the producers were able to cure it, then the 155 mm bullets offered by many Western countries, even if the problem in this case is not the GPS.

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Obfuscation, deception and plagiarism

The most commonly used jamming systems are Radar jamming (confusion) and Trap (Radar deception). These are EA’s active “electronic attack” type electronic warfare techniques. Then there is Electronic Protection (EP) and Electronic Support (ES). With electronic jamming, yes They disturb detection radars, In order to avoid detection of an attack, or to divert missiles in search of radar or GPS. the Plagiarism It allows you to fake an electronic signal, and can also hit drones with a modified signal Sends you of course.

Russian electronic warfare systems

Among some Russian electronic warfare systems we find borisoglebsk 2, A multi-function (EW) system has been installed. On a ground vehicle MT-LBu. It is designed to disable communications and GPS systems. the Diapers-1 (The Shroud in Russian) uses a high-power radar jamming system. It is designed to counter the AN/APY-2 radar, the main sensor of the AWACS Boeing E-3 Sentry airborne surveillance system of NATO and other Western countries. Using Pelena-1 it is possible to introduce a jamming signal on enemy radar frequencies and automatically correct the frequency variations of the transmitter that it is trying to evade using a technique called frequency hopping. Anshi and Krasukha They are multifunctional mobile jammers (1RL257 Krasukha-4 and 1L260 Krasukha-2), used to jam detections of radar surveillance aircraft, but can also reach satellites in low Earth orbit. But the most widely used is the system Murmansk-BNIt is a system that operates on short waves between 3 and 30 MHz, and is mainly used by naval units and military aircraft.

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