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VOTE Sept. 25, The Washington Post: Italy Towards the Far Right

VOTE Sept. 25, The Washington Post: Italy Towards the Far Right

“Italian voters are ready to turn the page on Europe”. It’s the mailing address from Rome The New York Times on elections in Italy. The prestigious American newspaper wrote: “With Georgia Meloni at the fore, Italy in power can have the first party with roots in the sinking of fascism.”

Elections 2022: Watch the live broadcast today, September 25th
Even the Washington Post He dedicates an article to the vote in Italy, stressing that the country is preparing to “break the glass ceiling and form the first far-right government since the fall of Mussolini.” They preferred victory – the newspaper continues – an alliance of two far-right forces, including the Brotherhood of Italy party of Giorgia Meloni, a once fringe figure sworn to defend ‘traditional’ social values, closing the door on illegal immigrants and rejecting ‘mysterious bureaucrats’. in Brussels”.

For CNN, “Italy prepares to turn right” With a “45-year-old Romanian mother campaigning under the slogan ‘God, Fatherland and Family’ is doomed to victory.” Meloni, confirms all the news on the site, “leads a party whose agenda is characterized by Euroscepticism, anti-immigration policies, and the weakening of LGBT rights and abortion rights.”

Georgia Meloni “breaks” the silence of the elections in her own way: the mysterious video on TikTok

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