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The story of Tiffany Grace, the little puppy with an arrow in his neck, except by a miracle

The story of Tiffany Grace, the little puppy with an arrow in his neck, except by a miracle

They named him Tiffany Grace. And those who adopted him with that name wanted to sum up the two special qualities of that dog, the four-month-old Chihuahua’s cross, who he rescued after being hit by an arrow that pierced the base of his neck: “Tiffany because she’s young and she decided to adopt when she saw it,” said Lynne Thornton, who decided to adopt it when she saw it: “It was love at first sight.” …Oh my God, how could you not love him! “.

But let’s go back to the tape of this story and let’s start from the beginning: We’re in a neighborhood near Desert Hot Springs, the woman, hearing the dog howling and howling, approached and saw what the case was: an arrow pierced the neck. So he immediately called Riverside County Animal Services who captured him and took him to a vet: The arrow narrowly missed the dog’s vital arteries and could have been safely removed.

“It’s disgusting: someone voluntarily shot this poor pup with an arrow – writes on Facebook, Erin Gates Director of Animal Services -. We are shocked and hope someone will give us any information on who did this. In the meantime, we’ll continue to take care of this pup. It’s amazing to see his affection despite what happened. She is a very sweet puppy. I can’t imagine why anyone would do such a terrible thing to such an innocent creature. He must be a very sick person.

Now Tiffany Grace is recovering and continues to search for whoever tried to kill her.

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