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"Help us raise the elephant", circus firefighters

“Help us raise the elephant”, circus firefighters

The Bergamo fire brigade was called on Thursday, August 19 in the evening from the Rolando Orvi Circus, in Azzano San Paolo, in order to intervene beyond the usual: to raise 40 elephants who had collapsed in a barn due to renal colic .

Andra, this is the name of an Indian pachyderm, he is 62 years old, but with some illnesses due to age, one of the attractions of the Orfei Circus who has set up tents in recent days near the Oriocenter, began to feel unwell at the end of the afternoon

. In the evening his condition deteriorated to such an extent that the intervention of the veterinarian and the firefighters was necessary.

“The animal had to be lifted – the foreman explained at the end of the intervention – that staying lying down for too long would have affected its breathing, so we harnessed it and lifted it with a crane.”

But unfortunately Andra did not have enough strength to stand up. “So, on the vet’s advice, we picked her up, turned her over and put her on the other side. At that point they covered her up and put her under an IV, and we went back to the barracks.”

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