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“I’m done with politics.” Ivanka “dumps” her father by 2024


It’s a bittersweet moment Donald Trump, who announced yesterday evening, in Mar-a-Lago, that he is running for the third time for the White House. First, he failed (half) in the midterm elections, in which his candidates – at least in decisive challenges in the Senate – suffered heavy defeats; Then his daughter Ivanka announced that she did not want to get involved in the new political battle that her father was waging. A major setback for Donald, given Ivanka’s huge popularity among the public and conservative voters. In an exclusive interview given to Fox NewsIvanka claimed that she loves and supports her father, but that she does not have him “I intend to get involved in politicsasserting thatThe goal is to set prioritiesfor his personal life and family.

I will always love and support my father, and I will do so forward outside the political arena. I am grateful for the honor of serving the American people and will always be proud of the many accomplishments of our administrationNeither Ivanka nor Donald Trump Jr. attended their father’s announcement party at Mar-a-Lago unlike Jared Kushner and Kimberly Guilfoyle, who attended the event to show their support.

The new life of the ex-president’s daughter is far from politics

Ivanka and Kushner have moved on you love Me After spending four years in Washington, D.C. and serving in the Trump administration. They have three children: Arabella, 11, Joseph, 9, and Theodore, 6. The businessman’s daughter confirmed that she loves her father, and this feeling “It will never change“.”She has played many roles over the years, but the daughter is one of the primary. I love this time with my kids, I love life in Miami and the freedom and privacy that comes with being back in private. This is one of the best moments of my life“.

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Ivanka, who served as a senior White House adviser during her father’s administration, reiterated A Fox News Digital thatHe never intended to get into politics“.”I am very proud of what I have achieved“, He said. “I left this field and do not miss it“. also Tiffany Trumpwho got married over the weekend, did not attend the Mar-a-lago event. according to New York PostTrump thought he could persuade Ivanka to come back and campaign for him because she was the most sought-after speaker after the president himself, but the businessman’s pressure didn’t work. In fact, Ivanka had expressed her intention for months not to return to the political arena, for any reason.

The survey that scares Donald

There is a referendum that upsets the former president and sees that he is in a disadvantageous position compared to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in a hypothetical challenge for the Republican nomination. Indeed, a new national poll has given the Florida governor a 7-point lead over the former president in a potential challenge to the party’s primary: It’s the first poll since February 2016 to suggest Donald Trump’s dominance of the GOP is waning.

according to a survey You are governmentThe 42% are Republicans And sympathetic independents prefer DeSantis over Trump as a presidential candidate, while 35% of respondents indicated they favor Donald. It hasn’t happened since February 2016, when Ted Cruz led polls by two percentage points over the billionaire. The tycoon’s road to the White House began to be rocky, also because of potential court troubles stemming from the attack by his supporters on Capitol Hill and from classified documents found by the FBI while searching for his residence in March. lago.

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