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Details on crossplay, matchmaking, and anti-cheats -

Release date closes, co-op campaign and Forge coming later –

date Exit from infinite aura It will be announced soon, but collaborative campaign and the situation Forgia 343 Industries said they will not be present at the launch, but will arrive at a later time.

It’s some information that the developers revealed in the new Video A diary dedicated to the progression of Halo Infinite after the success of the technical beta, which allowed the identification of already solved problems.

According to the authors, one has already been created road map With the contents that will be added to the experience after launch, in this particular case, the above collaborative campaign and Forge mode.

In fact, it looks like the former will debut during season 2 From Halo Infinite, so about three months after the game’s release, while Forge will arrive within season 3, ergo something like six months.

At the moment, these ads are not taken very well by users, expecting the availability of such content from day one, but we must consider that Microsoft wants to support the Halo Infinite platform for a long time, and therefore it is quite natural to plan for this type.

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