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He persecuted the singer and her mother with letters and letters

He persecuted the singer and her mother with letters and letters

For months it was haunted Angelina Mango His mother is the ex-wife of the late Benno Mango. Now she lurking49 years old, from the governorate FerraraHe was Arrested By the police and transferred to a psychiatric hospital.

Angelina Mango’s stalker arrested

if lurking to Angelina Mango He was Arrested On Tuesday 21 May by the Carabinieri Missoulain the province Ferrara.

As mentioned Il risotto del carlinoThe army took the man from his home To house arrest Since February, they have transferred him to the psychiatric ward at Santana Hospital in Kuna, where he will be guarded by prison police.

The stalker was arrested following Angelina Mango’s complaint

Angelina Mango’s Complaint: Letters and Messages

the man, 49 years old convicted felon Residing in Missoula (Ferrara), he ended up in house arrest Last February, after Stalking complaint It was introduced in the Milan area by Angelina Mango and her mother, Laura Valenti.

According to what investigators reconstructed, the 49-year-old woman had been harassing the 23-year-old singer and her mother for some time. WhatsApp messages and recorded messagesto the point of undermining their daily serenity.

In addition to being placed under house arrest, the investigating judge at the Milan Court ordered him to be placed under house arrest No communication By any means with the victims. However, he bravely continued to send them letters and letters.

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He was admitted to a psychiatric hospital

Therefore, the preliminary investigating judge of the Milan Court, after evaluating the elements collected by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Lombard capital, decided to impose a judicial ruling on the man. A more restrictive procedure.

Then the police took him from his home and took him to the station Psychiatry From Kona Hospital. Further measures will not be taken until his possible mental disability is assessed.

Image source: ANSA