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###Energy: Record high in April for Italy, renewables cover 51.2% of demand – Focus

###Energy: Record high in April for Italy, renewables cover 51.2% of demand – Focus

Thanks to the superior production of hydropower and the increase of solar energy (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – Milan, May 21 – a historical record for renewable energy sources in Italy which in April covered electricity needs by 51.2% (against 36% for 2023). It is a level that has been reached only once in the past, in May 2020, when a lockdown-induced collapse in demand distorted energy statistics.

What Tierna reported today is instead a “real” record, determined mainly by two factors: the record production of hydropower (almost tripled, to be precise +197.5%, due to very heavy rains and snowfall in recent months) and the new step Forward in the field of photovoltaics (+19.5%), which in turn was favored by increased operational capacity.

Capacity that has grown, with respect to all green assets, by 2.35 GW in 2024 (+45% compared to last year): there are all conditions to beat 5.7 GW for 2023, even if Pniec’s targets are still far away.

The jump in renewables was also accompanied by an increase in demand, which grew by 1.1% in April.

Moreover, if we consider the simple production of electricity in Italy, and therefore net imports (which meet 14.6% of needs), green sources accounted for almost 60%, bringing the cumulative figure for 2024 close to 50%: last year we have The country is closed by 43.8%, but it is clear – with the arrival of summer – that there are the right conditions to reach Germany and Spain, which in 2023 will record more than 50% of green electricity production.

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