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From Sarnico to Los Angeles, Disney Director

From Sarnico to Los Angeles, Disney Director

The plot of the director’s life Alberto Pelli, 39, has been a resident of Los Angeles for yearsunfolding in its picturesque streets Sarnico And the bright lights of the world of American cinema. His fame was boosted by the recent success of “The Naughty Nine,” a Christmas movie he produced Disney Plus Which appeared for the first time after a long wait in the United States and Italy last November 23 to coincide with Thanksgiving.

Billy’s special relationship with the capital of the Lower Sibino region strongly shaped his artistic path. Sarnico and the lake are not just picturesque backdrops, they are essential elements of its identity. Despite his Stars and Stripes base, when professional commitments allow, he happily returns to Bergamo to reminisce about his youth spent in those places.

We recently got in touch with Alberto Pelli thanks to the mediation of his mother. Reina Crivo, residing in Sarnico but currently in Los Angeles with her husband Giuseppe Pelli, originally from Ponte San Pietro who was a representative of Mexico, where he lived, from Erie, a trip organized for the birth of Leonardo, Alberto’s second son, who came to the world on November 28. From the conversation with Rina and Alberto, we had the opportunity to explore the memories associated with the time we spent in Sarnico, highlighting the emotions that emerge during visits to the lakeside town.

“We arrived at Sarnico in the 1960s, after working experiences in Sardinia and Crema with my father Carmelo, the Marshal of the Carabinieri – says Rina Crivo. The view of the river and lake from the barracks on Cortevo Road was magnificent. In 1976, my husband and I moved to Mexico for work, but Sarnico remained in our hearts and became an unmissable destination for summer and Christmas holidays with the family.”

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«I remember with affection walking with my grandfather in the park – recalls Alberto Pelli – followed by the inevitable ritual of tasting ice cream bought from the ice cream shops in the square; For us the best in the world. Last spring I returned to Sarnico with my family. In the beautiful setting of the parish church where my parents sealed their love in 1975, my son Rafael received the sacrament of baptism. This visit not only recreated the magic of the past full of meaning, but also created an even more special bond with our Sardinian roots.”

Alberto’s story

Alberto’s story has been marked, since elementary school, by the dream of becoming a director; The desire he developed through directing and filming small films for school. This passion was passed on to him by his father, who was a fan of cinema and watched many films with him at home. And on Sunday, everyone goes to the movies.” Alberto was “destined” and the path he took decisively was the logical outcome.

«At eighteen – continues Alberto – I decided to expand my studies by attending a special effects course in Verona, after which I committed to studying computer engineering in Guadalajara, Mexico. “At the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, reputed to be the best in the world – George Lucas, director of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, also studied there – I earned a master’s degree in film and television.” Despite being 39 years old, Alberto Pelli has already produced TV series for platforms like Netflix, Disney, and Amazon Prime. I have also worked in TV commercials in different parts of the world.”

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His last film, The Terrible Nine

“The Terrible Nine,” his latest film produced by Disney Plus, is his second work as a director. Billy was passionate about the Christmas period and the world of Disney, and saw his big dream come true: directing a film under the famous production company. A few years ago, the film received recognition at prestigious film festivals such as SXSW, HollyShorts, and Cannes Lions. Alberto was also part of the experts on the show “Best in the World”, an American reality talent television series that presented international artists who were evaluated by three judges: Drew Barrymore, RuPaul, Faith Hill and a jury called “Wall of the World” of 50 people. Entertainment experts.

«The film lasts about 83 minutes – concludes mother Rina, his first fan – and it is perfect to experience the spirit of Christmas. The engaging plot keeps viewers glued and provides family evenings during the holidays. The magic of the film is embodied through wonderful scenarios, lively costumes, and a magical world that is in harmony with the Christmas atmosphere. The talented cast, including Danny Glover, Derek Thaler, Winslow Fegley, Derek McCabe, Leonidas Castronis, Randall Edwards, and Clara Stack, deliver unforgettable performances, with well-drawn characters that shine at the right moments. “The innovative combination of cheerful heist and Christmas theme creates fun moments, giving the film a festive atmosphere.”

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