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“He made a big deal” – El Tiempo

“He made a big deal” – El Tiempo

His recent statements regarding the elections in Russia sparked controversy. Salvini's words did not go unnoticed, and were also discussed during the Stasera Italia episode on March 19. According to Cassini, the deputy minister positions will also spark debate within the association.

“I saw today that the League did everything in its power to hide Salvini's words that were probably dangerous for them as well. Therefore, they extended constant respect for Meloni and praise for the government. In fact, Salvini made a big deal because on that day he made it clear that it was not clear “How Navalny was killed and that we had to wait for the health report: shocking thing. Then he praised the elections in Russia. So I think a little bit of Salvini also became a problem for the league because frankly it's embarrassing for everyone.”

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