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Road safety and the latest news turn everything upside down: motorists are in a state of disbelief

Road safety and the latest news turn everything upside down: motorists are in a state of disbelief

Very important news about road safety: Everything is about to change, and motorists can't believe it

the Road safety It remains the first goal for all companies operating in the world of engines. Or at least the primary goal of most of them. Therefore, it is not surprising that news periodically arrives on the safety front that promises a real revolution for motorists around the world. If these assumptions are not always confirmed, the latest innovation presented in recent days could represent a real turning point, as well as the solution to a problem that has plagued the world of four wheels for years.

Road safety, the next revolution: everything is changing for motorists (Pixabay) –

Although driving carefully is a necessary condition to avoid most problems when in a car, sometimes it is not enough. For example, in order to be able to make driving in rainy conditions one hundred percent safe, and avoid the risk of losing control of the car due to aquaplaning, there is a need for Help from technology.

Help could arrive in a tangible way in the coming years thanks to the company's amazing innovation Ezerin In cooperation with Wipro. A true revolution ready to change the way you drive in wet conditions forever.

Goodbye to hydroplaning, Easyrain presents an extraordinary innovation: it will change everything

The idea that led to the extraordinary innovation created by Easyrain and Wipro is simple: to ensure that there is a system that warns the driver and the car itself that a loss of control is about to begin due to hydroplaning.

Thanks to the new software (Advanced Digital Information) equipped with a special sensor, the same car will be a Automatically calibrate All autonomous driving systems necessary to maintain control of the vehicle in low driving conditions.

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Goodbye to hydroplaning: here comes the turning point that changes everything (Easyrain press media) –

To combat the problem of hydroplaning, which still causes about 10% of fatal accidents today, Easyrain and Wipro have developed the platform clouds carThere is an anti-aquaplaning program inside it that is able to anticipate the risk of losing control.

Thanks to this new software, even before hydroplaning occurs, both the driver and the car will be aware of the risks and will therefore be able to take the necessary countermeasures to avoid a fatal danger. A real revolution, Easyrain promises, could also be expanded in the coming years to identify other risk situations, such as those resulting from ice on the road, from snow or even from potholes and dynamics problems. And it will be in this case too Historic change Which will allow us to make a very important leap forward in terms of road safety.