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Hackers attack with data leakage and massive leakage of sensitive materials

Hackers attack with data leakage and massive leakage of sensitive materials

In these hours, someone uploaded a huge file on 4Chan that includes I stole a lot of data from Twitch Apparently during a hacker attack that took place earlier this week. VGC downloaded the file and discovered that it contained sensitive information about personal files and on the platform itself.

It is a package that weighs around 130 GB and contains, as we mentioned, sensitive data of all kinds: from the platform’s source code to the fees paid for streaming devices in 2019, customer-related data for PC, mobile, console, and private SDKs. . Also discover the a . launch documentation A digital marketplace known as Project Vapor (A competitor to Steam?) It is operated directly by Amazon.

VideoGameChronicles Confirm the authenticity of the loot Various sources have told the site that all torrent content is genuine and legitimate. Twitch will be aware of the alleged theft that took place on Monday, October 4th.

  • Signage compensation from 2019 to today
  • Twitch source code
  • Comment date
  • Customer source code
  • SDK Ownership
  • Details about other tools owned by Twitch
  • Documents about the mysterious Vapor project
  • Information about security keys

It is not clear whether the theft also includes passwords for personal and business profilesAccording to some sources, the packaging in question will contain only part of the stolen item. We don’t know if there are any real security risks for customers and users at this time Twitch He did not comment on what happened, so we are waiting for the company to issue a press release to highlight the matter. Anyway, we advise you to do so for safety Change your Twitch login password And to enable two-factor verification for a higher level of protection.

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