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Guillermo Mariotto is a peasant, Matano beat him up

Guillermo Mariotto is a peasant, Matano beat him up

the television

During the final episode of Rai Uno, the conductor had to defeat the judge of Balando con le stelle. this is the reason

afternoon in live the life An amusing and tragic curtain was staged, in which the commander acted as the protagonist Alberto Matano And the judge Dancing with the starsAnd the Guillermo Mariotto.

As always, the last part of the program is devoted to a “lightweight” discussion of a program Millie Carlucci. Also present in the studio Luisella Costamagna (Withdrew from the program with Pascual Laroca due to injury) e Rosanna Banfi, which makes a really nice impression on this edition. Mariotto was, as always, among the guests at the table to have his say and give his version of events, which was always particularly itchy.

At a certain point, the South American judge set himself up Shamelessly checking his cell phoneAs if he was at home and not on a TV broadcast. This position of miserable (and increasingly popular among TV personalities) He’s clearly not been held in high esteem before Alberto Matanowho was subjected to it shining in marioto. The guest had obviously been messing with the body for several minutes and the conductor had already realized it but ignored it.

“No more phone eh, already last night you stole my phone!” Matano commented, with a fiery gaze that turned to Marioto. The interested party started laughing as always, certainly not regretting the fool who had made himself the protagonist. For the rest, it is not clear to which other smartphone-related episode the presenter was referring to.

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Guillermo Mariotto: another epic fail a few days ago at La Vita live

As emphasized (against her will!) before Giampiero MuginiIt was discovered that Mariotto was to attend a dinner for the removed former Balando 2022 competitor, right after the show’s first episode. On that occasion, in fact, the juror gave Maghini a zero, a low rating to be sure, but which then “magically” increased in the following weeks.

Mugeni’s discovery cooled the studio, forcing Marioto to give a bungled explanation so as not to risk ending up at the center of a conflict-of-interest commotion.