Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Poll silences do-gooders: even those who vote Pd want pressure on immigrants


Italians largely agree: the government needs to take a tougher stance Immigrants. Left-wing politicians have proven once again that they are far removed from the real world, running ideological campaigns that do not find the support of the electorate. Indeed, left-wing voters are also asking for more rigor in managing flows, as opposed to politicians who continue the blind welcome narrative. Apparently, among voters, the center-right is the most convinced that the government should do more, but polls Free newspaper A similar trend emerges among left-wing voters as well.

And it’s certainly not new. It takes a few steps back to understand that the real world has always asked successive governments over the years to be more vigilant about illegal immigrants. Two-thirds are Italians, according to Free newspaperthey believe”The Italian government, compared to now, should behave more severe“. An iconic figure is 2013: he was in the office at Palazzo Sigi Enrico Letta And 76% of Italians interviewed believed the administration was too lax on immigration.

Giorgia Meloni has been in office for less than a month, seeing inauguration day as the start of the executive’s process and 81% of Italians interviewed giving their support to the prime minister on the issue of migrants. Obviously, voters are most interested in the executive’s tough line Center-right, with the exception of Forza Italia, which is a bit more lukewarm but, by any measure, favorable. But it’s no surprise that 61% of those who voted for Pd accepted Georgia Meloni’s line. 55% of minor parties’ voters do not leftVarious Greens, like Article 1, follow an “all in” principle without exception, including illegals.

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in front Naval blockade The numbers change, but not the meaning, because 57% of Italians agree with the theory of Giorgia Meloni, who even during the election campaign explained well the concept underlying this instrument, which is European in scope and follows in the footsteps. Sophia Mission. This may be the only valid tool to stop smugglers and reduce deaths at sea: creating hotspots in Africa for asylum seekers in Europe to safely leave. The design finds support with 44% of Democratic voters and 43% of left-wing voters. Numbers that the opposition parties should stop and think about, which will never happen due to pure ideological short-sightedness.


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