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Giving Sterme the keys to the city of Andorra

Giving Sterme the keys to the city of Andorra

The name of a true legend: Strmy, born Alessandro Avallone, is undoubtedly one of the most famous professional players in Italy and the world thanks to the competitive results obtained in the past 20 years that have allowed him to earn, according to the Esportearnings portal, more than $238,000 in prize money. National franchise, international ambassador for Italian Games Receive the keys to the city of Andorra: Honor is more than an award and represents recognition not only of its merits but also of the entire Italian esports movement which in this way also emerges at the institutional level as a source of skill and prestige for society.

city ​​keys

Andorra’s mayor, Mauro Demichelis, handed over the keys to the city to Avalon presenting his compatriot as “[…] The first Italian professional player at the international level, the multi-time world champion, and a pioneer in the esports sector, An ambassador and recognized authority in world-class gaming, established itself in a business dominated by Americans, Asians, and North Europeans. Co-founder of Faceit, a world leader in competitive gaming, he decided to share his experience in Italy to allow national talent to make a professional career in this new economy.”

Stermi: “In life you have to seize the moment”

Stermi was also happy and satisfied, and seemed proud of his award during the ceremony: “Today is an important day on a personal level, but even more so for all the people who have been part of my path, who have invested, worked and believed in this sector for the past 20 years. This recognition by an institution, very important and certainly the first of its kind in Italy, I dedicate to us. In life you have to try to seize the moment and dream. In the end, what I did was see the dream and work hard to make it come trueStermie concluded.

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A passion turned into a profession

Strmy was one of the first to be able to turn his passion into a full-fledged career, first as a player (still a streamer and player) and then as an entrepreneur: he’s actually Co-founder of Faceit, a company with an Italian heart but founded in LondonToday, it is among the most important platforms for online games. Today he also serves as a consultant for some of the major brands in the sector, while remembering that in 2019 he was also selected by Inter as a Certification Ambassador and Ambassador for Esports, for the “Not for Everyone” campaign.