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Corriere dello Sport: "The Var in the Premier? Everyone hears it. Innovative option: dialogues available after the match"

Corriere dello Sport: “The Var in the Premier? Everyone hears it. Innovative option: dialogues available after the match”

Today’s edition of ‘Il Corriere dello Sport’ focuses on Phar’s arrival in the Premier League.

The Premier League is changing and innovating, at least at the level of referees. The sole official is missing but the agreement is there: The Premier League will release the voice of the conversations between the referee and the VAR, possibly as early as this season. The sound will not be released directly, rather it will be released after the game. This was confirmed by Richard Masters, chief executive of the English Premier League, who said: “The prevailing view is that making the sound is a good thing. There is a desire on all of us to be more transparent and open when it comes to refereeing matches and, above all, how referees arrive at certain decisions. We still have to work on the details but that is the intention.”

MLS. It’s no coincidence that the audio version has already become a standard in MLS with the chief refereeing officer being England’s Howard Webb, who is said to be on his way back to England to head referees for Premier League matches. The 51-year-old has been a FIFA referee for nine years and has officiated at two World Cups: in 2010 (when he officiated the final between Spain and the Netherlands) and in 2014. It states. After each round, the referees release a video explaining the decisions and accompanying them in an on-pitch conversation between the referee and VAR. It has yet to be decided whether something similar will take place in the Premier League – any kind of slow motion video by the referees themselves – or whether the audio will simply be released.

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general change. In recent years, Premier League referees have been openly criticized by insiders and it is no coincidence that the current main referee, Mike Riley, is about to leave Webb’s chair. One criticism of English rulers was the lack of generational change (also due to the lack of age limits). This season, we change, because Martin Atkinson (51), Mike Dean (54), Kevin Friend (51) and John Moss (51) left the whistle. It is hoped that with Webb’s return to the main referee role, the quality of refereeing in the Premier League will rise and the average age will also be lowered. The audio version of VARs is a step in that direction. The increased use of referees from other associations is also not excluded. Last year, Australian Jared Gillette made his Premier League debut. Gillette, despite being only 35 years old, has been a FIFA referee since 2013 and has repeatedly won the A-League Premier League’s Best Referee award.