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Giulia Sechet's Letter Between the Flowers on the Graveyard: “I'm obsessed with my ex. I stopped when I heard about Filippo.”

Giulia Sechet's Letter Between the Flowers on the Graveyard: “I'm obsessed with my ex. I stopped when I heard about Filippo.”

OffGeorgia Saniarado

Written by a twenty-year-old, found by the uncle of the student killed by Filippo Turetta: “I feel sorry and angry for those who destroy women's lives, but am I so different from them?”. Later Apologies: “For Our Seventeenth Failure”

“Hi Giulia, my name is Filippo, and I know where to start: with apologies, even if they are of little use.” This is how it finally starts A letter called Mama Giulia SechetinAndrea Camarotto, He found it among the flowers placed on the grave His daughter-in-law and shared on his social profiles. On those two pages written in pen boyOr, who ironically has the same name as Julia's killer, He speaks directly to the woman He remembers the first days when he started hearing about her on television. “At the time I still texted with my exI never stopped feeling something for that – he says – As time went on she started ignoring me and meI kept hearing about how Duretta was obsessed with you, I stopped, I tried to look inside myself and reflect on my situation.”

Small beginnings

Filippo rethinks his ways, his emotions, the way he manages them, his gestures. Consider how Turetta's friends and acquaintances described Giulia's behavior in the weeks and months before she took her own life. He compares himself to his namesake, drawing a balance of symmetry and contrast. «I'm sure what happened to you started with small things – he writes – it becomes difficult to even realize the smallness. I feel anger and pity For all of them Boys and men who continue to ruin women's lives. But am I weird? On the other hand, many times we overlook even the smallest things.”

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Excuse me

Filippo, in his early twenties, sent “almost from the village,” even at the end of the letter, continues to say, Apologize to GiuliaNot only on his behalf but on behalf of all, «For another failure of ours It's not the last, as the days following your passing have proven.” He congratulates Giulia's family, his words allow many like him to start questioning themselves and thinking about topics that most people didn't know before. Finally he greets her: “A hug, Filippo”.

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December 30, 2023

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