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Lombardy regions, Pierfrancesco Majorino candidate against Fontana and Moratti: here is the center-left choice

Lombardy regions, Pierfrancesco Majorino candidate against Fontana and Moratti: here is the center-left choice

The Center-left Democratic MEP candidate Pierfrancesco Majorino for the presidency Lombardy region vs Attilio Fontana And Leticia Moratti. The white smoke came after a meeting attended by representatives of the coalition PdGreen-Left Alliance, +Europe and Lombardy CVC Europisti. “Honor and Excitement”, Majorino defined himself in a post on social media to confirm his candidacy. A challenge he firmly believes can be overcome: “From tomorrow I will meet the forces of the center-left – he explains – to tie togetherAnd according to shared methods, the strongest possible proposition Change page in the region. We can Right foot Attilio Fontana and I are sure to give it our all.

Beginning and opposition to Moratti – Milanis, 49, worked and joined Majorino’s student movements Left Democrats In 1998. Worked with Livia Turco To and within the Ministry of Unity 2004At 31, is Secretary of DS of Milan. Two years later he entered the city councilOlive For another three years, A Sea Palace. The leader of the opposition, therefore, is Mayor Letizia Moratti.

Councilor and then Brussels – from 2011 He played the role of Councilor for Social Policy In the governing body Giuliano PisabiaIn it he evolved into urban planning Pierfrancesco Maran In recent days he expressed his desire to run Principals to break the deadlock. Majorino led and challenged the same department Pepe Salah In the former expo manager’s first cabinet, the primaries of the center-left. Giunta left inside 2019 After being selectedEuropean Parliament with the top 93 thousand options. Including his many struggles for rights Immigrants. A dedication in March 2019 led him to become the soul of the event People first – people Marching to Milan approx 200 thousand people.

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End of Telenovela – And thus ends the telenovela of the past few weeks Action-Italia Viva Moratti, who was Fontana’s deputy until a few days ago, has decided to challenge the current president of the region. and supported by various interventions by journalists such as Callandians and Rencians Ferruccio di Bortoli And Entrepreneurs want Charles Debenetti, They pushed some sectors of the Democratic Party to unite the party with the image of the former mayor of Milan. Although openings have come from members of civil society, they have always received a firm stance from the Lombard leadership. Sociologist Nando Dalla CheesaAnti-Mafia reference point in Milan.

DMD Secretary: “Alliance Formed” – Leave the Italian We tried to restart an expansion by arguing that the time had come to tighten the program debate. M5S By July, and define the site. But +Europe He was quick to underline that he expressed his support while reiterating that “participation means an alliance that does not include five stars as it is today.” The door was closed by regional Dems: “La alliance It is here. Bundo,” said the Zonal Secretary Vinicio Belufo He explained that the next step, very soon, will be the MEP’s table with all the parties that support it. Now it should beRegional Assembly Pd to ratify the agreement as the law provides that two-thirds of the participants may fix Majorino’s name and “serve”. Visible green light.