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gf.  Only one competitor has received TV offers: this one

gf. Only one competitor has received TV offers: this one

Latest edition of Big brother It came to an end a little over a week ago. It was victory Perla Fatero But the girl was not the only competitor who won the audience's approval. The truth is that there are those who say that moral victory went to others. Watch the latest stories from Amedeo VenzaThere seems to be a grain of truth. According to the blog, only ex Jevina, at least for now, would have received significant job offers and she would not have been the winner.

By sharing some content on Instagram, Amedeo Venza She announced that she will be considering several projects for her future on television Beatrice Luzzi. Reading what is written, it is possible that the actress will return to acting soon.

After he became the hero of the novel He lives – A fictional story set in Como that aired from 1999 to 2008 on Mediaset Networks – Beatrice Luzzi She will be ready to resume her acting career. Apparently, more than one TV producer has approached her about casting her.

Amedeo Venza He then added that the actress will be the only former contestant on the show Big brother He must have received proposals related to his future career. In fact, unlike his other colleagues, it seems that Almond He has generated interest in the world of entertainment and it is therefore possible that he will soon return to the small screen.

It must be said that in addition to being one of the absolute GF champions, Beatrice Luzzi She is among the few who were already considered an established professional in their field before entering the house. So it's understandable that he's now an interesting face in the entertainment world.

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Moreover, the actress, with her participation in the reality show Canale 5, showed that she has a strong personality capable of attracting viewers and beyond. Now after this experience Beatrice He can definitely aspire to return to the spotlight with his acting talent.

The future of other former competitors

Meanwhile, it appears other ex-Givenies are also considering their future on TV. Early this afternoon, news came out that 4 of them will be trying out for the new edition ofFamous IslandHe leaves next Monday, April 8. It was confirmed shortly Giselda Torresan Hence, always talking to Venza, announced that another contestant was also going to receive job offers. Will be Angelica Baraldi The former rival was contacted via radio to begin the cooperation. But according to the news Amedeo VenzaIt wouldn't be honest.

In the conversation between the two, the travel blogger from Treviso added that her priority would not be to work in the world of entertainment. Giselda In fact, he admitted that he turned down a job offer from a regional network to prioritize his studies: he wants to become a tour guide.