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“Get out of here”: Now they will fine you if you park your car in the bar, 90 euros even if you are a customer.  Be careful, they can do this by law

“Get out of here”: Now they will fine you if you park your car in the bar, 90 euros even if you are a customer. Be careful, they can do this by law

Parking and fines of up to 90 euros – Source Stock.adobe –

Many commit this crime without even thinking about the consequences: this is what you risk if you are caught.

We already know very well how to respect all the rules Traffic Laws Essential. In fact, only by following the rules can we ensure that we do not cause any problems to anyone’s safety. And not only that: by doing so, we can also ensure that You don’t get a fineIt is a topic that worries motorists all over the world, especially in our country.

Indeed, from this point of view, Italy is about to learn Unprecedented pressure. Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini Tightening of the rules of the road has been announced for some time and now finally after months and months of postponements we are here. the New highway symbol It is supposed to take effect within a few weeks, according to government estimates. His goal is clear: Making our roads safer Punishing the most irresponsible (and therefore most dangerous) drivers.

Things will change, we said. But there are actually some violations that many tend to downplay, but instead often result in rather hefty fines. Such as those regarding parking bans and reserved parking spaces: here’s what the law says on the matter.

Park your car this way and you will be hit with very hefty fines

There are many places that contain Reserved parking. We are talking about areas where it is possible to leave your car only if you are already a customer of that place. Let’s talk for example about places like i roadblock Oh Restaurantsbut also ShopsBanks, hairdressers and many other types of businesses.

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but, You can’t always stay calm. In fact, it may happen that the police will fine you even if you are already a customer of the place that owns the car park. and that is A big problem. Reports are becoming increasingly frequent and many motorists are complaining about what is actually happening unfairness.

Reserved parking - Source Stock.adobe -
Reserved parking – Source Stock.adobe –

How to avoid fines

A case of this type occurred when a car driver received a fine, despite being inside the bar that owns the parking lot. Fortunately, the bar managers showed it Solidarity She offered to help settle the matter with law enforcement.

Such cases are rare, however It can still happen. So we always advise you to do so I noticeespecially if you want to avoid really high fines.