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90% of Italians get it wrong with boiler regulation, push complications and how to fix it

90% of Italians get it wrong with boiler regulation, push complications and how to fix it

Adjusting the temperature of the kettle may sound simple but in reality it is not at all. Almost everyone is wrong.

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over there Water heater It should be modified properly, but many people fail to do so. Practically 90% make mistakes and end up paying double. The boiler undoubtedly stings the Italians, because with the rise in gas prices it has become the most feared device.

the Gas increases More and more prices and therefore properly regulating the boiler is crucial. Throughout 2022, Treasury bond prices have always increased. Indeed, Putin increasingly stopped gas supplies to Europe, but at the same time some not entirely clear moves of companies supplying electricity and gas did not help either.

The result is that December bills High but also the coming months will be like this. With such sharp increases in utility bills, Italians are wondering how they can save on heating without suffering from the cold.

How to save on the boiler

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the families They are now facing a lot of difficulties due to the cold and billing period. With gas bills soaring, heating is likely to get many people into trouble. However, many underestimate the temperature regulation of the boiler.

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Some believe that temperature regulation It is something that does not affect the billing result, but it does. They think it’s up to the technicians while others don’t know that the boiler has a temperature that can be adjusted.

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Set the boiler But this means saving a lot. It also means allowing the device to perform better and thus suffer less damage over time. Temperatures can be adjusted not only for electric boilers but also for gas boilers. With the right temperatures, bills can drop by 5% but also by 10% if the boiler does not exceed 20 degrees.

So the kettle shouldn’t do that exceed 20 degrees But the lower the temperature, the more you save. However, it is not necessary to intervene not only with the boiler, but also with the thermostatic valves and thermostats which are precious savings tools. Therefore, by regulating the thermal valves of each individual radiator in the right way as well as the thermostat, the savings can also be about 20 or 30%.

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the Smart thermostat, which can combine the temperatures and times of the day in the right way, can bring really important savings. Helps to improve gas or even energy consumption.