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Gaza is a “sea corridor” to help civilians.  White House plan

Gaza is a “sea corridor” to help civilians. White House plan

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters today that the agreement, which provides for a six-week ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, is still being negotiated. While US President Joe Biden said yesterday that the killing of more than 100 Palestinians while delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza could complicate ongoing hostage negotiations, Kirby said: “It is still too early to determine whether yesterday's incident will impact the current talks. Once the fighting ends.” If it stops, it will be possible to ensure a wider and freer flow of humanitarian aid, allowing the gradual release of hostages, starting with women, the elderly and the wounded. We are committed to maintaining control of the situation and working tirelessly in the future. days.”

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The first batch of humanitarian aid that the United States will parachute into the Gaza Strip in the coming days will consist mainly of food supplies. This was confirmed by the Strategic Communications Coordinator at the US National Security Council, John Kirby, during a briefing with Italian reporters in the United States. He added: “This will not be the only one, and there will be more in the coming weeks.” But that's not all because the United States is also working to establish a sea corridor to enhance humanitarian aid to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip. “It is an idea we have had for some time but we are still working on it: however, it is important that we have the support of regional partners as well as the necessary infrastructure on the mainland for aid delivery and distribution.” He continued, adding that the sea corridor would enable a much larger volume of aid to be sent compared to what could be sent by air or land.

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