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The PlayStation Plus cloud is higher quality than Microsoft's xCloud service, according to Digital Foundry

The PlayStation Plus cloud is higher quality than Microsoft's xCloud service, according to Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry He created a new analysis video where he compared a service Cloud streaming on PS5 Reserved for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers and xCloudOr Microsoft for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

According to technology enthusiasts, the Sony delivers noticeably superior picture quality It is comparable to the original PS5, with up to 4K resolution. On the other hand, Xcloud has to deal with sharper image compression, a maximum resolution of 1080p, and the fact that the games are based on the Xbox Series S versions and not on the versions of the series capable of emulating the most powerful console. They can split the processing power to emulate multiple Series S at the same time. To reduce waiting lists.

For its part, Microsoft's service can rely on Slight input lag In the games tested by Digital Foundry, though, the differences in their opinion are not so large as to compensate for the lower overall image quality.

“For the cost of PlayStation Plus Premium in general Sony's approach presents fewer problems. It gives us a more realistic experience, with 4K resolution and a version of the game more comparable to the real PS5.

“High latency compared to Xbox is disappointing, but Xbox Cloud Gaming issues are perhaps more significant: Lower bit rate and resolutionExtreme pressure and, most importantly, unparity with the series' features and performance

The Cloud of PlayStation Plus Premium and Game Pass catalog was compared

According to Digital Foundry studies, even The catalog of cloud games in PlayStation Plus Premium is larger From xCloud. We're talking 851 games (including 201 for PS5) included in the subscription compared to 402 “cloud-ready” games from Game Pass (including 225 for Xbox Series). Furthermore, a selection of PS5 games can be used outside of the subscription via the cloud if purchased By users, such as Cyberpunk 2077.

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However, keep in mind that Digital Foundry set up their comparison on equal footing, i.e. testing cloud services across the PS5 and Xbox Series In fact, contrary to Microsoft's proposal, the PlayStation Plus cloud only allows PS5 games to be streamed from the PS5, while PS4 and PC users can only use it for PS4 and PC games, while being completely excluded from the hardware equation as Smartphone, tablet and smart TVwhich greatly limits the potential of this technology for obvious reasons.

In short, all things considered, some for one reason, some for another, both services must definitely take steps forward if the goal is to establish cloud gaming among the general public.