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From Trescore to USA: Awards for Student Footballer

From Trescore to USA: Gifts for Student-Footballer

TRESCORE CREMASCO – Model and Athlete Award for Outstanding Students and so on. Really won many awards. Because I do Three awards That Tomaso Ogliari, Born in 1999 and living and studying in the United States, he earned a lot from his consistency on books and his talent in football.

I love you. Two years ago, he decided that his path would be at least abroad in terms of the university curriculum. Tomasov was presented with an average quality education all conference, Dell ‘Respectful note for his performance on the pitch ea at the district level (group of states including Kentucky, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana and Mississippi) “Kosita Education District Committee”, Which is stated by weighing academic qualifications and sporting qualifications.

I didn’t want to waste my football talent, so I thought I’d use it to get a scholarship to an American university. I took the necessary choices and gave everything. I wanted to leave completely, and finally, in January 2020, I won

It did not end there because he was one of the national candidates for the latter award. Not bad for a guy who works (part time, at the university fast food restaurant he attends). “I live in Williamsburg, Kentucky – says Tomaso – and I study both business administration and sports science at Cumberland University in Kentucky, but in the early 2020s I came across the Tennessee border”.

History. The Tomazo footballer’s start is in Trescore, then transferred to the then Pergogrima at the age of 8, switched to Tridium after the defeat of the yellow-blue club and finally jumped to Atlanta where he played for six years. Primavera team (under 19s) in the then cream, before getting a loan for Dick Mr. Sergio Borini Then in Rezzato (Brescia).

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In parallel, Tomaso graduated from Rochetti Linguistic High School in Grima. When the opportunity to go to Liga Pro fades and the disappointment wears off, the boy executes his B plan.

“I did not want to waste my footballing talent, so I thought I would use it to get a scholarship to an American university. I took the necessary exams and gave it everything. I play football (with him he is currently in the finals of the championship in Alabama, but he was invited to Texas for the summer championship, which is not for everyone.) In the United States, it feels like I was born again. Here is the qualification. If you study and excel in school and sports, they will reward you. This leap from a reality like ours – the young trescoris student concludes – was hard, but now I’m studying to achieve what I wanted and achieve two degrees, which we could not have imagined. My family (dad, mom and sister) feel happy and in turn they make me happy. Will I go back to Italy? I do not know. There are so many opportunities here, so many links being made. For now I am focusing on achieving my degrees and then wanting to attend postgraduate course.