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“From tomorrow we go back to work”

Clpt: “From tomorrow we go back to work”

We publish from clpt Trieste and Monfalcone port workers have begun the fight to prevent the implementation of the criminal and extortion green corridor decree, which has nothing to do with health security and the fight against COVID19, but aims to divide workers, forcing part of them to pay for work. All this after working for nearly two years in safe sanitary conditions and too polite to deny it ridiculously. The answer we got was offering free tampons to dockers in Trieste and Monfalcone – but not for everyone (many companies, including those controlled by AdSPMAO did not agree to bear the cost of the tampons). There is further discrimination in discrimination, which has led to the creation of first-division workers, who do not have to pay for the temporary barrier, and second-division workers, who instead have to pay for them. We then joined other workers and citizens who participated in the No Green Pass events to coordinate Trieste. But even the growing mass demonstrations in Trieste and elsewhere did not move those who had to responsibly accept the just demands of the demonstrators. We have therefore decided, in agreement with the Trieste workers of other classes, to join the strike called, beginning on October 15, by the various unions. Our initiative sparked a wave of solidarity from all over Italy that surprised us but also made us understand that we are not alone. We were able to stop the activity in the ports of Trieste and Monfalcone surrounded by the support of thousands upon thousands of people who came from all over Italy. Today we found out and were informed that companies had to face the strike, to hire workers who do not have the green corridor, in violation of the government ordinance. Even this does not seem to have moved the institutions that tried to prevent the democratic expression of the will of a large part of the population with threats and lies. It is therefore essential to take a step forward with the thousands of people and groups we have contacted these days. We won this first battle, showing the strength and determination of the dockers and everyone who supported and supported them in the defense of democracy and individual liberty. From tomorrow we return to work – who can – (for dock workers from the first shift on 10/17/2021) but we don’t stop. The first step will be on October 30, when delegates of port workers from Trieste, Monfalcone and from other Italian ports, law enforcement, health, journalists and other groups from all over Italy will be welcomed to the Senate in Rome to confirm the reasons for those who demand the abolition of the Green Corridor to work.

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