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Da oggi la musica di Netflix trova casa su Spotify: ecco come e perché

From Today, Netflix Music Finds a Home on Spotify: Here’s How and Why

New from Adele’s latest tribute, with shuffle off, Shuffle, album tracks, Swedish broadcasts spotify, in full competition with Apple in terms of 360-degree entertainment, has announced a collaboration with a major video entertainment giant.

In the past, Swedish broadcasts directed by CEO Daniel Eck have created a hub”Sponsored by PelotonIncluding playlists of trainers from Peloton, a New York company for smart sports bikes, and related to their training programs: there was no shortage of In collaboration with Giphy, which brought music among the artists’ animated GIFs. Highlighted in 2019 with Collective Hub for great animated story songs Disney.

Now, under the banner of something similar, it was Launched, both of them Users who pay who are they Free, as well Netflix Hub, which can be found (currently in India, Australia, US, UK, New Zealand and Ireland) on both the web and mobile versions of the service, simply by searching for the word “Netflix”.

Inside, the user will be able to find a file Audio tracks, playlists and podcasts Dedicated or belong to the great Netflix Movies & TV Series, as with Bridgerton, Money Heist, Cowboy Bebop, and Squid Game. Also in the context of the initiative in question, one has been introduced Improve the album experience, accessible from Playlist Clips, Storyline and Spotify Canvas, linked to Western di Netflix “The Harder Fall” (Played by Idris Elba) Backstage title track curated by Jay-Z and exclusive music created by the likes of Kid Cody, Ms. Lauren Hill and Kofi.

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Last but not least, to finalize the initiative, there was no shortage of detail Section dedicated to “La Casa de Carta”, with a nice gameconjugation between Soundtrack Which Characters from the gang.