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The fines are up to merchants, craftsmen and professionals who from Thursday will not allow their customers to pay with credit or debit cards through points of sale. Today, June 30, in fact, the new rules stipulated in the last Pnrr decree no longer provide for the obligation only to accept electronic payments, as well as to apply penalties in case of non-compliance with the law. With the aim of pursuing tax evasion in all ways and at all levels, the decree postponed the entry into force of fines for a period of six months.

Sanctions have been the subject of many measures in recent years, but they have not actually taken effect due to the opposite imposed by most political forces. This time the text issued by the Council of Ministers has not been amended by Parliament, therefore, as of Thursday, everyone who refuses an electronic payment will be subject to an administrative fine of 30 euros, an increase of 4% of the value of the transaction for which the admission was refused. To give a simple example, for a receipt of 100 € that was refused payment by card, the fine imposed on the merchant will be equal to 30 € to which 4% of the 100 € must be added, for a total thus 34 €.

The list of interested groups is long: from craftsmen such as carpenters, blacksmiths, and plumbers to restaurants, bartenders, shopkeepers, and even street vendors. The obligation also applies to notaries, lawyers, engineers, surveyors, accountants, physicians, business consultants and dentists. Consumer associations commend the novelty, but warn on the one hand of the “tricks” that merchants and professionals can use to circumvent fines and on the other hand of the need to reduce the costs of managing electronic money to encourage its correct use. Codacons explains that the provisions “exclude the obligation to pay with POS in the event of objective technical impossibility: a merchant who claims POS is unusable is not subject to a penalty. Not only that. Being bound by the new standard, merchants and professionals can be limited to accepting one circuit.” And one type of debit card (for example an ATM) and one credit card, which restricts users’ right to pay using POS.” On the other hand, Assoutenti stresses that the costs associated with points for merchants are still high. For the association, “it is necessary to cancel interbank commissions and other fees required of merchants.”

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