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“Every evening, 9 p.m., on the way to ...”, tip-off - Libero Quotidiano

“Every evening, 9 p.m., on the way to …”, tip-off – Libero Quotidiano

between no vax Socially dangerous topics lurk. This is what emerges from some Telegram conversations, where serious and credible threats to the Prime Minister were found Mario Draghi and for the Stefano Bonaccini NS Vincenzo de Luca. The scene of this sad and disturbing spectacle is one of the most aggressive groups on the frontline opposing vaccines, the green corridor and any restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some letters have even been published that would refer to the Prime Minister and the two regional presidents. “Go visit him and bring him many gifts,” is one of the messages to Bonaccini, while De Luca touches more bluntly, “Everyone in this house is I *** the fascist criminal.” Threats to the Prime Minister are just as dangerous: “Everyone in front of the villainous Drake’s apartment. Every evening, at 9 p.m., across…”We read in the post in which the prime minister is depicted with a mustache.

“This is not the first time – commented Bonaccini, governor of Emilia-Romagna – whoever is discussing the arguments, who is not threatening and attacking. I thank the authorities and the police who are watching and investigating. Let’s go ahead and do everything we can to fight the epidemic, protect people’s health, defend school and work ” .

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