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From September it will happen to some devices

From September it will happen to some devices

Security systems update the Android version, and smartphones that don’t support it will see Google services evaporate.

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If you decide to keep up with the constant changes in the technological world, you will likely collapse within a few months. The pace of change is, in fact, much faster than in any other sector, Almost as if it was an industrial revolution permanently. Devices that appeared with great fanfare and are already outdated a year later, the latest model of smartphones, perhaps, after a few months no longer. Sometimes even for small details.

An ever-changing picture is of course also affected by the competitiveness (competition in many cases) between firms in the sector. Not to mention that in the end, they’ll have to get to that Interact with tech giants (Primarily Google) to be able to get maximum performance. And the new import is coming from Google, ready to deliver another jolt to the concerned world.

A smartphone without Google, that’s why

It is difficult to imagine a smartphone without Google but, apparently, we will have to get used to it soon. Starting from September 27, in fact, so many changes have been announced in the relationship between technological devices and the company Menlo Park, that many smartphones will have to Say goodbye to Google services and even its apps. A real ban requires careful strategy from the users to be able to overcome it. Provided they have a device capable of doing so. To understand this, just enter the Settings panel in Google services, tap on System and on Phone info, to check your Android version and security patch.

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Background information Since September 27, all devices with Android version equal to or lower than 2.3.7. It will be banned. Say goodbye to Gmail, YouTube and Maps. This is for a very simple reason: Google makes such updates to protect its users from virtual attacks, and in this sense, older Android versions are most vulnerable. This of course applies to any system since Cybercriminals have had more time To understand the weaknesses. It is less cost-effective to issue new security patches than to update the system. So, the solution is to upgrade the smartphone or buy another one. Tough choice.