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How much did Salvatore Aranzola pay?

‘I Might Not Work Anymore’: Do You Know How Much Salvatore Aranzola Bills? The number is impressive.

Salvatore AranzolaAnd the A foolproof name, because yes, he is the most widely read IT detective and blogger in Italy. He founded, which is one of the thirty most visited websites in our country.

Salvatore Aranzola, earn (credits: instagram)

Everyone has turned at least once to their site, which has been growing for 20 years and even profits seem to never stop. Who at least did not have doubts or technological problems and by searching for the solution was found thanks to the blogger site? Aranzulla recently opened an interview with Il corriere della sera in which he also talked about his life outside of work. Indeed, the profession occupies his life so much that it contains a lot of space.

Today his company is earning ridiculous numbersBut do you know exactly how much it will turn in 2021? Let’s find out together.

Salvatore Aranzola, do you know how much he earned from his company?

His company has been continuously growing for 20 years, Salvatore Aranzola manages to create an “empire”. Its position is among the 30 most-read websites in Italy. A computer scientist and blogger, he has published publications for Mundadori and Mundadori Informatica, and collaborates with journals active in the same field.

Today his company earns millions, it is a non-stop working machine, so much so that Aranzola said in an interview with Il corriere della sera that it may not work anymore: “I may not work anymore but I do because I love it. As soon as I get out of the office I go crazyThe celebrity said that one day, on his thirtieth birthday, he decided to take a two-week break but got bored: “One day I finished my books on Agatha Christi, Netflix made me tired”, Tells. Salvatore goes to bed at 10 pm and gets up at 7.10 am, walks and spends the rest of the day at home, because he says he doesn’t want to be recognized.

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Rotation Salvatore Aranzola
How much did you bill (credits: instagram)

The celebrity lives in Citylife, Milan, in a splendid attic, with a plant that changes 80% of the air every hour, armed guards in the garden and six shelves of high-quality pastry brochures. He says one of his last hobbies is the gym, he has 13% fat mass and he likes to get down to 12, even if he is perfect at 8% but some jobs are compromised after that. His site offers thousands and thousands of pages about any problem, just search for the solution and click and you will face a world. His first article dates back to 2002 and explained how to install a printer. Years have passed since then and his company has made headway: Do you know how much their sales are only in 2021?

The figure is crazy, apparently we are talking about 3, 8 million euros. Aranzulla is keen to point out that half comes from ads, 25% from affiliate links, and the rest has to be related to the courses he does and the collaboration he certifies.