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Free to After completing the 100-station project on the highway two years ago, it now aims to develop a high-performance charging network on regular roads and in some strategic locations in major cities. New capital will be needed which may arrive very soon after the entry of a new partner: an industrial partner or a long-term financial investor. The model that will be replicated outside the motorway network is the Linate and Malpensa hub model, a very successful test according to CEO Giorgio Morrone.

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In the interview above, the manager who has linked his name to the birth of the first large, widespread and efficient charging network for long-distance travel, reveals his plans for the next three years. In summary:

  • Upgrading and upgrading existing stations based on the growth of the electric vehicle fleet;
  • Participate in future tenders for electrification of highway networks other than ASPI;
  • Wise investments in on-road HPC stations that «However, they will not be cathedrals in the desert» Moroni specifies;
  • Installing high-power charging systems for heavy electric vehicles “where their use is widespread even on long trips”;
  • Storage systems to support poles to reduce the impact on the electricity grid;
  • Opening up to a new shareholder to support Autostrade per l'Italia in its development project.
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Capital is needed to “get off the beaten track”: a new partner is on the horizon

In this regard, Moroni confirms for the first time Press rumours Regarding the possible entry of a new shareholder alongside Autostrade per l'Italia (ASPI): «The entire sector needs Lots of capital To support “capital intensive” businesses with Long term return – Moroni explains _. We are no exception: therefore we evaluate both the premise of long-term loans and… New shareholder support. It does not matter whether it is an industrial or financial partner. The important thing is that you believe in our project and share our long-term vision It has no speculative horizon».

Moroney also evaluates The first season Of the great summer exodus, when “We have already registered Saturation states At some charging stations». Free toSeveral hundred thousand recharges, with an average downtime of 20 to 25 minutes. Sales were generally in line with demand, which we expect to grow strongly this year.

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Malpensa Station (image from Free to

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So Free to Upgrade the busiest stationsInstalling new columns. “The infrastructure is designed and built with scalability in mind» Moroni explains. “The holes, the connections, the spaces and the availability of power are there: it's just a matter of installing more charging points.”

Everything is ready for the technological leap

In the not-too-distant future, Free To“This will bring charging times to levels very similar to those of regular refueling.” That's a bottleneck, Moroney adds “Not in columns that are actually designed to support very high forces, but in cars, and upstream, in the availability of energy in the electricity grid.”».

Finally, the first number in Free toWithin the next two years, all motorway service stations of all operators will have a charging system, bearing our brand or those of other operators.”

On highway systems for freeThe current “open” layoutTherefore, it will continue to act solely as the owner of the interoperable infrastructure with all service providers (currently more than 100, both domestic and international).

Free app for x“Now the shops, then the loyalty card.”

Outside of highways, it can also decide to provide the service, thus also becoming a Mobility Service Provider (MSP). “But for now we are focusing on the task of “opening stores”. Then we will also evaluate whether to launch our own “Loyalty Card” or not» Moroni concludes.

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